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Elevate Your Professionalism -
Allied Health Rooms For Rent In Brisbane's Western Suburbs

Take your Healthcare or Beauty clinic to the next level with a space for clients and patients from $1,450 per month.

Step into a tailored professional environment designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare, wellness and beauty practitioners. Our Allied Health Rooms cater to beauty therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, GPs and clinicians, physiologists, chiropractors, and more, offering purpose-built spaces catering to various specialties.

Discover Your New, Private Practice Space

Attending to your existing patients or taking on new clients has always been challenging without a suitable or fit-for-purpose space. Your exclusive Allied Health Room, nestled in the heart of Taringa, is rich in perks with exceptional features designed to streamline your workflow and augment your practice.

We have space ready & available to move into immediately.

Enhancing Your Client's Experience

Workcave offers many distinctive features that allow you to prioritise your patients' comfort and convenience.

Workcave isn't just for your typical desk-bound team member, but it would seem odd to your clients if they had to walk through - and sit within - an office environment to meet with you, so at Workcave, they don't have to.


We've designed our Allied Health Rooms to assist in promoting your exceptional service by providing dedicated, complimentary 90-minute parking space for your patient's use when they arrive for their appointment. A private lift entry allows them discreet access directly to your Allied Health Room.


When they exit the lift, your patients are presented with a secluded lobby - exclusive to our Allied Health members - providing a quiet waiting area for them to await their appointments. Clean and regularly serviced bathrooms are available and easily accessible nearby.

The Room You're Looking For

With a generous 12 sqm of available space, practicality meets convenience with essential amenities available in each Workcave Allied Health Room to facilitate seamless treatments for your patients.

We've got you covered if you need Higher Risk Personal Services compliance. With sealed engineered timber flooring, continuous access to running water, a hygiene-friendly bench and a wash station, our Allied Health rooms are the perfect solution to conduct several patient procedures otherwise reserved for a medical facility.


Discover the Workcave Difference


Growth-Focused Membership

Traditional leasing is complex and can present a significant risk for a business of any size. Workcave gives our members a superior workplace solution.


For Allied Health, we've positioned ourselves uniquely to provide a long-term, safe space for solo practitioners or a stop-gap in your practice's growth from a team of one to a larger group of providers or doctors.

Whichever path you choose, at Workcave, you'll be able to avoid the typical direction of a locked-in fixed lease, real estate agents, property owners, and solicitors, taking your valuable time away from your patients.

Transparent Pricing

Do you want competitive pricing with no surprises? Look no further than a Workcave Allied Health Room. We offer flexible membership options to ensure you pay only for what you need.

A Helping Hand Is Never Far Away

As a member at Workcave, you can count on our on-site Community Manager to assist you in every possible way.


They will help you settle in on your first day and address any questions or needs. They can also facilitate any modifications you require in your Allied Health room. With their help, you may not ever want to leave.

Amenities To Envy

Hit the ground running as a Workcave Allied Health Room member. There is no need to set up and maintain the standard utilities here at Workcave; move in and get to work. We've designed our spaces to boost you and your team's productivity with a comfortable and clean environment. Look forward to:

Fully Furnished Spaces

Our turnkey workspaces are ready for you to dive in and meet your clients. We've taken care of every detail so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

High-speed Connectivity

Enjoy a consistent connection with our private high-speed network, ensuring productivity always remains at its peak. You'll never have to worry about lagging connections or dropped video calls with reliable, lightning-fast internet.

Printing Made Easy

Access enterprise-level printing facilities hassle-free, making your work life more efficient. We understand that printing is essential to business, and we've got you covered with state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Fuel Your Creativity

Relax in our open-plan kitchen and break area. Complete with fresh baked goods, complimentary free-flowing tea and coffee and a fully stocked beer and wine fridge. It's the perfect zone for networking.

Secure Site & Contactless Access

Security is paramount. Your Workcave business is protected 24/7 with video surveillance and alarms, while members can breeze in and out with seven (7) day access.

Off-Street Parking

Working from home means no parking frustrations. Luckily, Workcave members can access safe, off-street parking to avoid time-consuming parking pain.

Cleanliness Increases Output

Enjoy that "fresh" serviced office feeling every day. The Workcave cleaning team are on-site overnight to provide a pristine and inviting workplace.

Refresh On-Demand

Take advantage of our shower facilities. Freshen up after an early morning gym session or bike ride to the office. Or just a hectic day at the office.

Meet Like-Minded Professionals

At Workcave, we take pride in being more than just an office space. Our community is a network of driven, like-minded professionals looking to connect and grow their businesses. Whether you're a doctor, beauty therapist or psychologist, you'll have the opportunity to build valuable relationships outside your Allied Health Room.

All our members have access to exclusive community deals only available at Workcave. Join us and start taking advantage of all our professional business community offers.

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