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Scale Your Team with Flexibility -
Private Offices For Rent In Brisbane’s Western Suburbs

Bootstrap & Start-Up Approved.
We've got the space for your next growth phase from $900 per month.

Whether you're a start-up looking for a professional space to kickstart your business or an established company seeking a new, flexible workspace solution, we've got you covered.
Our Private Office memberships are designed to meet the needs of your business and provide you with a comfortable & productive environment to work in. Centrally located in Taringa within the inner western suburbs of Brisbane, it’s the perfect mix of proximity to and distance from the busy CBD.

Welcome To Your New Private Office

When an at-home desk just isn’t quite enough space – or quiet enough – to run your solo business, a dedicated Private Office at Workcave is the perfect solution for individuals. It’s an excellent fit for established organisations with large and fixed teams, too. Harness the benefits a Workcave Private Office provides.

Spaces for team sizes of one to 50 are ready & available to move into immediately.

If you prefer to stay on task throughout your time at Workcave, our internal Private Offices are well positioned to minimise high walkthrough traffic, featuring glass floor-to-ceiling secure partitions to give a more open feel. For those who feel natural light is an absolute must-have, our external-facing offices have expansive windows capturing the sunlight with views to the north and west of leafy Taringa.

Forget the Locked-In,
Long-Term Lease Contracts

Finding the right home for your team is crucial to facilitate culture & productivity. Traditional office leasing is complex & can present a significant risk for a business of any size. We’re focused on giving our members a superior workplace solution. The typical path of a fixed lease over X years can be a little stale, filled with over-the-top back & forwards with the commercial real estate agent, property owner, and solicitors. And you haven’t even moved in yet! That’s hours, days, weeks and potentially months away from what is the best use of your time - your business, and your clients.


If you’re looking to grow in the future, a Private Office space capable of expanding or shrinking (like a rubber band) as your business needs change, is invaluable. This is where a Workcave Private Office reigns supreme, providing the space you need, only when you need it.


Discover the Workcave Difference


Furnishing Perks

We’re not saying you can’t bring your furniture, but you don’t NEED to.

A Workcave Private Office is a complete turnkey solution, with practical, high-quality furniture as standard. You’ll enjoy ergonomic seating, a desk for everyone on your team, shelving and filing cabinets installed ready for your first day and a special touch of plants/greenery to enhance the atmosphere.


We’ve also put the “Private” in Private Office, with made-to-suit acoustic panelling fitted to each workspace, to ensure your trade secrets remain confidential and a calm environment free from outside distractions.

Transparent Pricing

Say goodbye to hidden fees & overhead costs. Workcave provides competitive pricing with no surprises, so you can focus on your work without financial worries.


Our flexible membership options ensure that you pay only for what you need.

Engaged Community Management

Our on-site Community Manager is here to assist you during your Private Office Workcave membership, so much so that you may never want to leave.


They are available to help you settle in on your first day and addressing your questions & any needs you have, including facilitating any modifications you may require in your space.

Amenities Ready To Go

Hit the ground running with our Brisbane Private Offices. There is no need to set up and maintain the standard utilities here at Workcave, just move in and get to work. We’ve designed our spaces to boost you and your team’s productivity with a comfortable & clean environment. Look forward to:

Fully Furnished Spaces

Equipped with high-quality, ergonomic furniture, our turnkey workspaces are ready for you to dive right into your tasks. We've taken care of every detail so you can focus on what matters most – your work.

High-speed Connectivity

Stay connected with our private high-speed network connection, ensuring productivity remains at its peak. With reliable, lightning-fast internet, you'll never have to worry about lagging connections or dropped video calls.

Printing Made Easy

Access enterprise-level printing facilities hassle-free, making your work-life more efficient. We understand that printing is an essential part of business, and we've got you covered with state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Fuel Your Creativity

Relax in our open-plan kitchen & break area. Complete with fresh baked goods, complimentary free-flowing Tea & Coffee and a fully stocked Beer & Wine fridge. It’s the perfect zone for networking.

Secure Site & Contactless Access

Security is paramount. Your Workcave business is protected 24/7 with video surveillance & alarms, while members can breeze in & out with seven (7) day access.

Off-Street Parking

Working from home means no parking frustrations. Luckily, Workcave members have access to safe, off-street parking to avoid time-consuming parking pain.

Cleanliness Increases Output

Enjoy that “fresh” serviced office feeling every day. The Workcave cleaning team are on-site overnight to provide a pristine & inviting workplace.

Refresh On-Demand

Take advantage of our shower facilities to freshen up after an early morning gym session, riding your bicycle to the office or just a hectic day at the office.

Networking At Your Doorstep

Workcave isn’t any ordinary office, we’re a professional business community. Just outside your Private Office you’ll find a thriving hub of like-minded professionals & business owners to connect and network with. From Lawyers to Real Estate Agents, your next integral business relationship may be closer than you realise.

All members are also able enjoy exclusive-to-Workcave community deals.

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